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Baron Crépeau non-standard insurance, criminal record, insurance problems

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Are you having difficulty getting home insurance that meets your needs?

Baron Crépeau has the solution.

Whether you face one of these situations:

  • Insurance contract termination due to non-payment of your premium
  • High claims frequency
  • Criminal record
  • First insurance
  • Insurance interruption
  • Vacant dwelling
  • Dwelling that does not meet regular insurers’ standards
  • Recommendations not performed
  • Non-standard creditor

Request a quote. We can help you!

Banks require owners and tenants to get home insurance, in order to cover civil liability and personal belongings.

If you are having difficulty getting home insurance (owner, occupant, co-owner occupant or tenant), Baron Crépeau has the solution for you!

When it comes to home insurance, Baron Crépeau is the special markets expert. We have the best expertise in the field in Quebec.

We’ll help you put your misfortunes behind you. Move forward with Baron Crépeau.


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