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When it comes to car, home, business, and liability insurance, Baron Crépeau is the special-markets expert. We have the best expertise in the field in Quebec.

Are you in one of the situations listed below?

  • Suspended driver’s licence
  • Highway code violation
  • Insurance contract termination
  • Failure to pay
  • Frequent claims
  • Criminal record
  • First insurance
  • Vacant building
  • Right-hand drive vehicle
  • Unpaid fines
  • Insurance interruption
  • Bar insurance
  • Brasserie insurance
  • U.S. export insurance
  • Special events insurance
  • Various bonds
  • Civil and professional liability
  • Insurance for packages delivery
  • Insurance for mail delivery
  • Insurance for commercial delivery
  • Insurance for vacant commercial building
  • Business insurance for owner with a criminal record
  • Business insurance with non-standard creditor

Baron Crépeau has the solution.

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